SON arrests two Chinese over importation of fake mobile phones


The Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON) has arrested two Chinese nationals for importing fake and substandard mobile phones into the country. The Director General, Mr Osita Aboloma said at the clamp down of the office of the importer. Aboloma who was represented by the Director Compliance, SON, Mr. Bede Obayi, an engineer explained

that the agency has continued to receive numerous complaints about the KZG phones from unsuspecting consumers in the country. Aboloma during an enforcement exercise in Lagos, said “We have information on the activities of these Chinese people who are operating this KZG mobile here in Ikeja Lagos that people are complaining about the quality of their products and SON has to ensure that the quality of products sold in Nigeria is in compliance with the Nigeria industrial standards.”

“His attitude shows that he knows what they are doing here and they are not ready to talk, they are not ready to give us information about what they are doing here and their major warehouses. Based on the information we have gathered and what we found on ground in the office and the documentation of importation indicates that he is one of the leading suppliers of sub-standard phones in Nigeria,” Obayi said.

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