Sweet 107.1 FM


Sweet FM is a duly licensed radio station transmitting from Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria to the world.


  • To operate a professional, profitable and people friendly radio station that will cater for the Information, Education, Entertainment and Enlightenment needs of the people of Ogun State and its environs.


  • To be a platform for the development of entrepreneurial, business and leadership skills.


  • To operate a motivational radio station that will serve as a stimulus for Entrepreneurial, Business and Leadership skills Development of the Nigerian Youth.


  • PRIMARY: 18 – 50 year old educated Males and Females resident in Ogun State. They have or are acquiring tertiary education, live, School and Work in the urban areas of Ogun State in both the public and private sectors. Fun and Music loving, they are lifestyle, entertainment and sports enthusiasts with a keen interest in Politics/Governance and their immediate socio – economic environment. They need a channel to develop or hone their leadership, business and entrepreneurial skills, one that will add value to their lives beyond fun and entertainment.
  • SECONDARY: 21 – 65 year old illiterates and semi illiterates in the rural, semi urban and urban areas of Ogun State. They can easily be referred to as “Locals” with a deep sense of Culture and Tradition.
  • FRINGE: Same as the profile of the primary target but resident in Lagos and other neighbouring towns and cities with the SWEET FM reach.


  • SWEET107.1FM has a massive listenership base driven by its powerful signals received in Lagos, Ogun, Oyo,Osun, Ondo, Ekiti, Edo and Kwara States. This culminates into a daily listenership of over 30million people on Radio in Nigeria plus millions all over the world via the internet.


  • The primary goal is to get both the primary and secondary target groups to view SWEET FM as their own. 
  • Recommended format for the station is “INTERACTIVE”  which provides and grants the latitude for listeners to be a core part of the content in a very unique and unprecedented manner.


  • SWEET FM’s programming will be driven by Sweet Music and Sweet Conversations.
  • Quality Music, Quality Guests and Quality Talk Programmes will drive the content of SWEET FM.
  • SWEET F.M’s programming will be “OGUNCENTRIC”
  • Key Consideration will be given to the following:

1. Celebrity Presentations

2. Traditional and Indigenous Language

3. The “ARIYE” Connection

Sweet Music, Sweet Talk !

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